Soprono Laser Hair Removal

Premium laser hair removal that achieves soft, silky, smooth skin without irritation at our clinic in Surbiton.

360 Degree Clinic provides a comfortable, stress free experience on your journey to complete hair removal, using award winning equipment.

Laser hair removal is a luxurious way to achieve silky, soft skin. Unlike waxing or shaving, laser provides long term results as it prevents regrowth. It also minimises irritation and ingrown hairs for flawless results and confidence boosts.

360 Degree Clinic will remove unwanted hair from anywhere on the body, such as the arms, legs, bikini area, underarms, back, upper lip, chin, and chest. The full process may take 6 to 9 sessions, with varying intervals depending on the targeted area. Of course, we’ll always assess your results as you go. Most patients can expect to see a 50 – 80% reduction in unwanted hair within the first few sessions.

Reinvented hair removal

We are proud to be one of the first, leading clinics to offer Soprano Titanium laser hair removal technology. An intensely concentrated beam of light and high pulses are directed on freshly shaven skin. This increases the temperature of the hair follicle and the surrounding tissue to destroy the hair deep down to its root without damaging the surrounding skin.
The treatment is performed just after shaving because it puts the follicles in the regrowth stage. The laser then targets these follicles to inhibit future growth. Soprano platinum is the latest technology that uses an ‘In-Motion’ technique, meaning the laser is constantly moving and heating up the skin gently, ensuring it’s a comfortable experience with unrivalled results.
The Soprono titanium can be used to remove unwanted hair anywhere on the body, such as the arms, legs, bikini area, underarms, back, upper lip, chin and chest.
Unlike other laser treatments, including weaker at-home IPL devices, Soprano Laser Hair Removal is suitable for all skin types, ranging from 1 – 6 on the Fitzpatric scale.
These procedures are ideal for both men and women looking for a confidence boost and a long-term solution. Book with our award winning clinic today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a quick list of some of our most frequently asked questions on our IV Therapy Treatment.

Yes, Soprano Titanium Laser Hair Removal is the safest method of semi-permanent hair removal. It has been delivered to men and women worldwide with fantastic, successful results.

This will entirely depend on your hair type and regrowth rate. We recommend 6 – 8 treatments to ensure that the hair is gone. As your hair naturally goes through a 4-stage cycle, we need to ensure we remove hair at each stage.

No not at all. With Soprano Titanium hair removal there is no downtime. We will just advise you to avoid gyms, pools and saunas for 24 hours. Where hair has been lasered, it is also recommended that you wear cotton or lose breathable clothing.

Soprano hair removal targets the hair follicles rather than the actual pigmented follicles you can see above the surface of your skin. As a result, this technology is far more successful and compatible with blonde hair.

Essentially anywhere you have hair on your body, we can use this tool.

This will depend on the size of the area that hair is being removed from. The longest session will be a maximum of 60 minutes.