At 360 Degree Clinic, we understand how difficult it is to lose weight. Many of our patients have exhausted all dieting avenues before discovering our successful weight loss treatments. 

360 Degree Clinic can offer an easier route to achievable results. Providing you with proven weight loss that works. Our range of diet pills and appetite suppressants will help to reduce your cravings and hunger, removing the everyday willpower struggles that all too often result in dieting failure. 
Our weight loss programmes are led by a team of weight loss experts that include experienced Doctors and Nurses. They will design a personalised slimming programme to support your dieting goals. 
In our nutrition department we offer: 
Nutrition consultation. 
Weight Management. 
Body analysing. 
Slimming IV. 
Our team of qualified weight loss doctors, nutritionist and medical practitioners are there to support you throughout your journey. 
To ensure you receive the most tailored slimming treatment, you will have regular 1-to-1 remote appointments with a doctor or medical practitioner. At your regular telephone or online weight loss consultations with your doctor, they will ask you about your weight struggles, health issues and find out more about how your weight loss journey is going with The Slimming Clinic. 
With every remote appointment with our online weight loss doctors and medical practitioners, we will be able to ensure you are supported, encouraged and still on the best weight loss programme for you. 
Weight Management 
360 degree clinic have the very best Dietitians for weight loss, who will work with you to give you the best chance to lose weight. 
Our weight loss Dietitians are part of our wider support team of online weight loss coaches, who are there to encourage you throughout your treatment, whilst offering you the guidance needed to effectively maintain a balanced diet. 
A Dietitian is highly beneficial to your weight loss journey due to their expertise in nutrition, health and food intake. They understand that knowing what to eat and how to balance calorie intake can be a struggle when trying to lose weight. 
Upon starting your weight loss programme you will have a 1-to-1 telephone appointment with our dietitian. 
They will work with you to develop a diet plan to ensure you can make the small, but effective changes to your diet that mean you can lose weight effectively, but also be given the tools necessary to maintain your hard-earned weight loss. 
See the Difference in your Body's Shape in 3D. 
Weighing scales often mislead you into thinking you're not making progress. Nothing is more illustrative and more motivating then to actually see your body transform. 
360 degree would like to introduce the new miracle weight loss treatment that is taking the USA by storm. 
Bodyline’s SlimPen, also known as Saxenda®, is a once-daily, self-injectable medicine that comes in a prefilled pen. This incredible weight loss treatment contains the prescription-only medication – Liraglutide. It offers effective and reliable weight loss by reducing hunger and controlling cravings. 
From £130 per month. 
Your body naturally produces an appetite hormone that helps to regulate your hunger levels. In overweight individuals, sometimes this hormone is much lower, making appetite regulation a constant battle. 
SlimPen works precisely like this unique hormone, helping to regulate your appetite. 
SlimPen, will help you keep to a calorie-controlled diet and finally meet those weight loss goals that you have always dreamed of achieving. 
You can use the SlimPen at home or on the go, once daily, at any time that is convenient for you. The injectable pen is pre-filled, resulting in an easy to use and painless weight loss solution. 
Bodyline offers a fully supported SlimPen programme, led by a team of experienced Doctors and Nurses. Our research shows that the regular support that our clinicians provide is the most effective approach to your weight loss journey. 

Sliming IV 

An essential detox program using key nutrients to reduce toxins, oxidative stress, boost metabolism, and support effective body functions such as gut health for better nutrient absorption to support diet and detox. 


Our range of supplement and diet pills and appetite suppressants will help to enhance your health removing the everyday willpower struggles that all too often result in health and dieting failure. 
Our wellbeing system are led by a team of experts that include experienced Doctors and Nurses. They will design a personalised wellbeing programme to support your health goals. 


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