Nutritional Services

Fulfil your weight loss goals the healthy way. Our clinical nutrition services give you all the tools and support to achieve a balanced, better lifestyle. Lose weight effectively and enjoy the experience with award winning 360 Degree Clinics.

London nutrition clinic in Surrey

Achieve a healthier you

360 Degree Clinic provides a complete wellness experience to tackle weight loss and support your nutritional health. The nutrition services we provide are led by weight loss coaches, doctors and practitioners that are ready to support you through your journey. They will design a personalised slimming programme to support your dieting goals and optimise your journey.

Nutritional support & services to achieve your goals

We understand that a weight loss journey doesn’t always go in a straight line. 360 Degree Clinics are an award winning team of experts; we’re committed to providing a stress-free and realistic regime, designed to bring balance to your life.
Nutritional consultations will be private and supportive to ensure the optimal result. Throughout the programme, you’ll be encouraged and provided with all the nutritional information you need. Our goal is to create personalised nutritional treatments that promote confidence and lasting results.
360 Degree Clinic nutritional services helps patients who feel they’ve exhausted all dieting avenues. People who rely on unhealthy dieting regimes and unsustainable habits can see the lasting results and enjoy the lifestyle change. Anyone looking for a successful weight loss treatment is suitable for our nutrition services at our clinic in Surbiton.