Bespoke Facials

Midus Touch Gold Leaf Facial – £250 | Anti Aging, Collegen Boosting & Rejuvenation

Midus’ Touch Gold Leaf Facial boasts a cocktail of proven anti ageing therapies, including real gold, this facial targets the neck and décolleté areas. Gold Leaf stimulates the skin’s collagen production as well as protecting the health of existing collagen, and strengthens skin elasticity for a smoother and firmer visage, which additionally works to target fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is three facials in one, including a high tech micro current facial. This facial is perfect for anyone seeking a visibly more youthful glow.


Exclusive to 360 Degree Clinic, facials designed by our expert practitioners – just for you.

Black Diamond Therapy facial – £120 | Antibacterial & Soothing

Classified as a black diamond, charcoal’s magical ability to detoxify pores & remove impurities. Using premium charcoal, experience the benefits of the antibacterial properties of charcoal. This treatment perfect for anyone with problem and sensitive skin to pursue diamond like radiance.

Deep Ocean Magic Seaweed Facial – £80 | Hydrating & Detoxifying

Harness the power of the sea with our Deep Ocean Seaweed Magic facial. Seaweed is packed with vitamins, minerals and contains natural collagen. The healing properties of seaweed have been used for centuries. This facial is suitable for skin types and supports collagen production, delivers anti oxidants, targets pigmentation & fine lines, detoxifies, designed to quench your skincare needs. 

Stop the Clock Anti Ageing Facial – £60 | Anti-Agein

Stop the Clock Anti Ageing facial helps uses a combination of a mask packed with anti ageing properties and micro current treatment to Intensify cellular activity to tighten and smooth the muscles and soft tissues in the face, and has been proven to minimize wrinkles. This facial is perfect for anyone seeking a noticeably more youthful complexion. 

360 Contouring Facial £195 | Laser Skin Tightening & Hydrating 

Our 360 contouring facial utilises a near infrared laser to tighten and contour the complexion. This treatment includes a facial massage and a sheet mask enriched with beneficial hydrating properties. This treatment is perfect for anyone seeking a more chiselled visage.